Games to look forward to in 2018, Part 2

Link: Five RPGs To Watch Out For In 2018

Not quite a week’s difference; this list took a lot longer to come together but I think you will find a lot to like in the different kinds of RPGs we are seeing release in 2018. It’s no definitive list or anything (some BIG notable exceptions such as Battletech, Indivisible, etc.) but these five games are promising.

Games to look forward to in 2018, Part 1

Link: Seven Enormous Open-World Games in 2018

So this year OnlySP is staring down the barrel of a LOT of notable single player titles, many of them smaller and independent. However, just to get things started, these are some of the absolute biggest open worlds, not just in size but in profile—there are franchises as popular as Spider-Man, and three (count ’em) massive first-party titles from Microsoft.

Next week: the lists get more focused. No spoilers, but this one will also be about a specific genre.

Happy End of 2017

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You’re reading this because I’ve decided to make a clean break for the new year and use this blog to collate everything planned for 2018. Thanks for visiting and come back soon for more info on what the next twelve months will bring.

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