Links—Week Ending 22nd March

Hi all,

For the first time in a while, here’s a weekly post with some cool content I’ve helped bring to life around the web.

OnlySP’s 50 Favourite Games #6—FromSoftware’s ‘Soulsborne’

This is a collaborative project, part of our big 50 favourite games list at OnlySP, this week looking at the previous action-RPG Soulsborne-style titles that FromSoftware released prior to today’s epic Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I probably won’t be reviewing Sekiro, but in the 50 games piece I focused on Bloodborne, a “bloody” fantastic game.

‘Love, Death + Robots’ Review

I was pretty excited to hear that Netflix was planning a Heavy-Metal-esque animated science fiction anthology. Two or three of the eighteen episodes are pretty great, but overall I was unfortunately disappointed by the series’s sense of ‘been there, done that’, mostly because almost every episode is based on an existing prose short story.

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